Why vote for sajha party.

६ मंसिर २०७६, शुक्रबार ११:०४

Kathmandu : We believe that this country can be transformed in our time. More than half of Nepal’s population is under 22 years of age. More than two-thirds of the population is under 40 years of age . If so, we believe that Nepal can be transformed in the next 10 to 20 years in our lifetime. Because, during that period, many countries have gone through great progress. Whether it’s looking at India or some of India’s most visited states, China, or Africa’s countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda. Ethiopia is the most corrupt, starvation has killed more than 1 million people, and in the same way that development has really shattered, ethnic conflicts have broken the country from one country to another, in that country there is more than 10 percent economic growth.

There Monorail operates, and the airlines are counted among the world’s reputed airlines. There is no question that a resourceful country like ours will not do such a country if it can. When it comes to our resources, not only the mountains and beauty, but also the cultural heritage.

Here are herbs too. Here are the geographies as well. Here are the tolerant people.

What do we not have? Have everything But we have always spent decades in hiding our weaknesses in changing the constitution and saying that it did not. Brain lines are not ours. We just wanted to change the lines of the Constitution. Well it gave us authority.But for the sake of authority, they always used that movement as a personal investment. The movement for the country is not a personal investment. If you are looking for personal benefit, go to the bank or deposit money or invest in any business. It is inappropriate to eat interest by saying that I did the agitation by the agitation.

What to do in such a situation?

What to do: To this day, I ask some friends what they think of when I get home. The idea has moved to the right, not just in Nepal, but to the left and right around the world.

Nepal is a democratic country and cannot be compromised. Speaking of ideas, each political party has written ideas with knowledgeable people and experts. But we do not have both policy and intention. Because of this, we say that individuals who have good policies but who have good intentions at the same time must now be led.

Without such leadership, the people who vote will always be sad and the leaders who get the vote will always be happy. The same is happening in Nepal. People are concerned about water, hospital worries, dirt worries, worry that money earned for life will be wiped out by the same disease. There is anxiety everywhere. However, the leaders neither worry about the hospital nor the people are concerned about how to educate their children. Concerned about how to get treatment in old age.

They don’t care about anything else. This is the situation we want to end. The people who are destined to vote are required to vote. For this, the process of conversion begins once those who have been ordained have reached the leadership. To begin the process of conversion, we will first take steps to reduce corruption. I want to give more than just an example of how to act.

The Commission on Investigation of Abuse of Authority is the most powerful body in this country. However, to this day, leaders have appointed only those who provide security. Appointing people who are truly honest and capable there will reduce corruption in the country.

Reducing corruption means the development of this country is increasing at that rate. Just as the economy slows down, the economy slows down, the economy shuts down. After the economy is overthrown, the people here will spread their wings and work on the most ambitious project. It takes years now to get permission to work on such projects. That too must be distinguished from the ‘percentage’ to the minister to the bribe.

When the economy is overthrown and the government works to facilitate and seek national teams. Then the country really moves towards progress. As the country approaches economic progress with economic quotient, the next thing the government must do is to establish a welfare state where basic issues like education and health and social security can be ensured.

All of the money I earned during my old age may be wiped out by a disease. Don’t worry about having to sell my house and get all the debt. Don’t have the money to pay for school, I don’t have a job at home, don’t worry about having children. In the same way, in the health service, no one should be put to death without receiving treatment or medicines. That is the state’s responsibility. That is a job that can be done. Yes.

It requires money, but even when there is no money, the welfare nations of the world have begun to pursue welfare schemes even when little is done. In this way, we have come up with the dream of transformation of the whole country.We are not against the people, as the present-day evil is institutionalized, every day the hooligans are criticized and sent to the party, and to oppose such acts, there can be good politics in the country.

We need a party who can bring good governance to this country and accelerate the development of this country at the fastest possible pace.

So, this time vote in the ‘Taraju’ of the Sajha Party. Before voting, weigh your vote, vote for the party that has the right policy and intention.