२०७८ आश्विन ७ गते, बिहीबार ०५:११


२०७८ असार १ गते, मंगलवार ०५:३९

Fastest News Nepal,

Bhaktapur , Asadh -1 : We feasibly live in the high patriarchal and hierarchical society. People address girls and women; their pain, their efforts and as a result people think that men cannot be victims. But sadly there are many occasions where men have been defeated by their own accesibilities; which often lead to a range of mental, physical, social and emotional problems. Many men have gone through these kinds of situations.

As a man when they tussle with upcoming hazards they are faced with challenges that seem invincible to deal with. Our society often judge people. We women get addressed but the men do not over speak about it. The societal ideals have on men is often overlooked. Men are expected to be strong and not cry. If they do so, they are harshly compared to the girls like what said in Nepal; केटी जस्तो रुनु हुँदैन, केटा भएर रुन्छस? These types of narratives are injected since childhood in families and even in the schools where the so called ”Gender Equality” is focused.

In our stereotype society, if a man gets a good job, if he is treating his family better, they are supposed to be the savior of their family and women are just made limited in homes. But if this scenario is reversed; if man starts living in his wife’s income, they often get to listen to the ridicules and insults from people (like; not a man enough, under her thumb). If a man respects woman, her decisions, loves her, gives attention, care and affection, he is called to be hen-pecked (जोईटिन्ग्रे).

Wow!!! Society does not leave anyone. Ha-ha Ridiculous! A woman has to face many insults if she is not able to give birth to a baby and even the man gets much traumatized. But, it is so sad that, the insults that men have to face regarding this is not discussed rather men are bullied stating; कस्तो नपुंसक रहेछ! Everyone expects certain forbearance and expect them to act manly.

The idea that only women can suffer from the problem is wrong. There is hostility to men having problems. Although women have to face many vulnerabilities, inequalities, but to categorize all the men with the same regard is wrong. This creates the environment where men will feel rebuked if they suggest they have a problem. Many link with why so many men never speak out their battles against depression.

Gender Equality is essential but some women and radical feminists have to believe that only women can suffer problems is wrong and only the men are the responsible people to cause women to suffer is wrong. It is the toxic mentality, toxic stereotypes and the toxic societal value systems that has created the disparity and violations which need to be quashed not the men.

-Stuti Sapkota
Student waiting for the SEE Results (Gladstone Academy, Bhaktapur)