२०७८ श्रावण ११ गते, सोमबार ०९:३६

Unemployment during covid-19 and it’s impact middle class people

२०७८ असार २ गते, बुधबार ०८:४०

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Nivaa Kumari Sah
Student Of Kathmandu School Of Law  1st Year
Asadh – 2 -Malangwa, SarlahiCovid-19 had been started from December 2019,but it was came to world’s knowledge from march 2020 and lock down was also started from march 2020,in the beginning , people took it very lightly,and could not foresee the  upcoming   epidemic.Day by day it started affecting our live hood. Situation became so disastrous that so many people lost their life because there was no any idea about how to get cured from this infection.Only educated families were somewhat familiar with the precautions about how we can break the chain of the spreading of corona.But less education or families with no resources had no idea about this virus and precautions in the beginning, in the starting the lock down was only for few days.But government had to continue with the decision because  virus was spreading quickly.

It was the good decision to stop the spreading of virus on the overall problem especially middle class peoples and poor family for example different types of daily wages and street vendor they got effect due to pandemic.They could not run their shop as a result and they could not earn anything so, their facing many problems like rent, food and other basis need.The peoples with strong background and strong financial status were not effect much because they are capable to pay for hospitals charge, medicine,oxygen they could easily get all the facilities .But the situation was worst for middle class family because even after paying for the facilities they are not getting properly.The people who lost their job during the pandemic and in the pandemic didn’t get any kinds of the help from the government.Due to the shortage of the oxygen,cylinder  ,vaccine.People are running to one hospital to another hospital still they not getting any help. Some powerful peoples are   taking advantage of the worst situation and they are involving in black marketing of the oxygen cylinder and medicine.

In the pandemic, domestic violence and rape case are increasing.This is the responsibility of the government to take care of those citizens who are living outside of the country.But many Nepali  people have died in the foreign countries.In our constitution,art 5 mentioned that those people who live outside of the country should not die due to starvation.But in the pandemic time,Nepali people who are living outside of the country are not getting their rights

We know that the aim of the social justice is to established a healthy lifestyle for the people of society.But in the pandemic, people are not getting social justice because government could not focus on the overall problems which are affecting a person especially from lower or middle class.These peoples are not capable of paying the rents,school fee and bank loan due to this worse situation. Also street vandor who died to starvation or due to their inability to pay for hospital charges, must be taken care of, by the government.