२०७९ आश्विन १२ गते, बुधबार ११:०४

Effects of caste system especially on Madhesi community and society

२०७८ श्रावण ६ गते, बुधबार १०:४१

Fastest News Nepal Shrawan-6 , Kathmandu – Caste is also termed as jati in Nepali. The communities in our society are divided on the basis of caste. Earlier, the castes were divided on the basis of the task or work of an individual. But today, it has been wrongly understood and carried out by our society. It has been differentiated as higher and lower castes. This differentiation is responsible for injustice to lower caste people. In many places, the so called higher caste people don’t use anything if it is touched by any lower caste person, even if a well used for water, then they feel that it’s touched and they don’t drink that water. But when higher caste person needs the blood then they do not ask which caste this blood belong to.

Due to this caste system, inequality, injustice and discrimination, these all cases have increased in the society and issues related to marriages love or arranged , social issues, violence and disputes problems are being faces by our society.

In the Bhagwat Gita and Mahabharat, Shantiparva, it is written that all the various castes are based on different qualities of the people and are mainly divided as the Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. These are determined by their innate mode of their nature gun’s.

At the time of my grandmother and grandfather in our society occupation had been categorised on the basis of caste. Brahmin, pandey, karn, Tiwari etc these all are included in higher caste. Gupta ,yadav, kushwha, Bitha these all castes are included in pure castes. Sah, Dom ,Dhusad, Das ,chamar, Dhobi etc these all castes are included in lower castes.

Even today, in this modern time, the madhesi community especially in village rural areas Dom, Dhusad, chamar Das they are given no opportunities to develop themselves.They remain poorest of the poor.Society as a whole treated them as untouchables and treat them even worse than animals.

We all are the modern youths so, we need to understand the social issues and social problem which are evolved due to the caste system based inequality. If we will not understand this problem and situation then, there is no difference between the modern youth and the youths of conservative mindset. So that it’s all are responsibility to understand the caste system problem.