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Does Marriage of high age gap should be prohibited?

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Fastest News Nepal-Bhadra-19, Kathmandu – Different people have differing viewpoints on the subject of marriage. Some argue that because of our freedom and choice, they can choose their spouse, while others argue that because we live in a democracy, we have the right to live and do anything we want. But does selecting the correct decision mean putting your own life and the lives of your loving family in jeopardy? When people gain independence, the majorities of them become overly thrilled and make decisions that wreck their own lives and the lives of those they love.

So, in my opinion, and based on my study and analysis, I believe that high-age-gap marriages should be prohibited.

The term “marriage” is a lovely one. A great smile appears on your face once you hear this word, and that smile remains on your face until you are married. It doesn’t matter how much misery your experience is after marriage; it’s always referred to as “सुब बिवाह”. Marriage is seen as a virtue process in our nation, Nepal, and is something that everyone should perform in order to progress their lineage forward.  There is old saying that, “Marriage is like one of those sweets; which you may have to suffer if you eat them, but you will definitely suffer if you don’t”.

I frequently wonder and think whether it is proper to marry a girl who is of his daughter’s age and a man who is of her father’s age?

Is it actually going to assist them in living a healthy life, or is it going to permanently harm their lives?

Ask yourself questions and consider your options. I’ll leave the answers of these questions up to you wise individuals.

As a law student, I define and understand marriage from a legal standpoint. Marriage is defined as the process of accepting a contract to live together as husband and wife, who create a legal position, condition, and relationship between them until it is terminated.

Now, for the first time in history, let us discuss the origins of marriage. On January 1, 2007, The Week Staff published a book called “The Origin of Marriage.” According to this book, the first recorded marriage between a man and a woman took place in Mesopotamia in 2350 BC. Marriage evolved over time into a universal institution that was embraced by ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. Marriage’s goal at the time was to unite women and men, to ensure that a man’s offspring were actually his biological children, to rule their generation, and to strengthen the family.

Now let’s take a look at some marriage-related issues. Many premises relating to marriage can be found nowadays. There are numerous issues such as disagreement, divorce, and so on. High age gaps in marriage are one of the main causes of this problem. There are a lot of marriages in Nepal that are done with quite large age disparities. These marriages cause a lot of problems in life. There are a variety of challenges that arise when there is a large age gap in a marriage. Some of them are highlighted below:

  1. With psychological aspects:

Psychology says that people have different thoughts according to their age. For example, 1-5 ages have different thoughts, 5-10, 10-15, 15-24, 24-30, and 30 above have different thoughts. Due to this, during high age gap marriage, there are high chances of conflict between wife and husband. Due to this there is a high chance of divorce. Depression happens in this stage.


Evidence from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging is presented in the article “The Impact of Age Differences in Couples on Depressive Symptoms” (2006-2012). According to this article, depression is one of the most frequent psychiatric diseases among the elderly. Typically, 15 percent of males and 25% of females are depressed as a result of age gap marriage. According to the report, 2,881 couples aged 45 and up were photographed in 2006, 3, 3033 couples in 2010, and 2,711 couples in 2012. A generalized linear mixed model was employed to analyze the data.

When the age gap between husband and wife was 3 years or less, the estimated severity of depressive symptoms was 0.309. However, when the age gap was greater than 3 years, the estimated severity of depressive symptoms was 0.645, which was higher than that of married couples who were the same age or had a 2 year age gap.

It demonstrates that a large age gap in a marriage not only affects their relationship but also contributes to sadness.

With medical aspects:

High age gap marriage affects the medical aspects in different ways like it affect on the sexual life of person. 

Sexual life affection

 In an interview of Dr. Deepak Kelker, he stated unequivocally that the marriage should take place within a three-year age gap. Within 45 years of age, a girl’s sex hormone ceases to exist, but a boy’s sex hormone ceases to exist around the age of 65. It means that a girl’s interest in sex ends at the age of 45, whereas a boy can do sex and still be interested at 65. He stated that he had heard the news of a well-status person, 36 years old, marrying a girl, 19 years old, with a 17-year age difference. A man can have sex at the age of 65, but his interest level declines and practically disappears at the age of 45, but a woman can have interest at the age of 35. So in this case, the bridegroom has proper sex life for 9 years but bride have proper sex life and interest for 16 years. So due to this, there sex life is unsatisfied.

With sociological aspects:

People will not accept you if you marry a girl who is 20 to 25 years younger than you since you will appear to be father and daughter rather than a partnership. And the bridge will face numerous issues, including being labeled a gold digger by society. Let’s look at a recent incident as an example. Sher Dhan Rai is a Neplease politician who previously served as the chief minister of Province No. 1. He tied the knot. His wife, Jangmu Sherpa, is 20 years old and he is 49 years old. They are 29 years apart in age. They appear to be father and daughter as they stroll together. Jangmu Sherpa won Miss Mongol Nepal 2018 and has been in several music videos. In Spite of her achievements and success, people think and say that she married him because of his power; money etc. people forget all the good achievements of her and only remember her marriage.


Last but not the least divorce, “How Does Age Gap between Partners Affect Their Survival,” according to an article, the Danish Statistical Office documented 376 divorces due to age disparities in 1901, and this number has steadily increased since then, peaking in 2004 with 15,774 divorces due to age differences. According to a survey conducted by the Atlantic, the wider the age gap between spouses, the more likely they are to divorce. A couple with a one-year age difference has a 3 percent higher chance of divorce. When there is a five-year age difference, the risk rises by 18%. The yields increase by 39% when the age gap is ten years. When there is a 20-year age difference, the risk rises by 95%.

Looking at all of the facts and scenarios presented by experts in the preceding paragraphs, I believe it is apparent that high age gap marriages are prone to causing problems in life. As a result, it should be prohibited. All evidence suggests that attempting or pursuing a high age gap marriage would almost certainly result in your life becoming a living hell. So, based on all of the evidence, it seems evident that marriage should only take place between the ages of 3 and 5. Now that the legal marriage rule has been in place for more than 20 years, a new regulation should be implemented mandating that marriages take place within a maximum of 5 years.

Before I wrap up, I’d want to share an intriguing example. Assume you’re 22 years old and recently married to a 40-year-old man. Then your thought process would be off. The world of today is TikTok. Almost everyone makes use of it. You want to make tiktok with your husband after you are married, but he isn’t interested due of his age. There is a distinction in your thoughts. You might want a tour, but he might not be interested. It is said that as you become older, you get more mature. As you can see from this example, you will have to compromise a lot and your thinking will be inconsistent which will lead to a big problem and can be ended only after divorce.

Divorce is an extremely dangerous word. Few people enjoy this word, whereas many people want to avoid it, as if it is a COVID-19. If you’re counting the number of people who are afraid of divorce then don’t forget to include me, you wise people. I’ve often wondered what would happen if the person’s name was divorce? Then I’m not sure that he’ll make many friends because most people prefer to avoid divorce.

Finally, I believe that marriages with large age gaps should be forbidden, and that a new rule should be enacted stating that “Marriage should be done within a 3 or maximum 5 year gap only.” Because a single blunder will devastate not only the bridge and bridge groom, but also two families. I’ve noticed that women are more impacted than men in similar situations. Females are blamed by society more than males for their character and family. As a result, we should limit marriages with a large age disparity because of our comparable ages; there will be less likelihood of conflict and proper mutual understanding if we do so. As a result, a married couple can enjoy a happy and quiet existence.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with me or disagree with me? You can express your thoughts in the chat box.