२०७९ मंसिर १२ गते, सोमबार ०४:२८


२०७८ मंसिर ३ गते, शुक्रबार ०७:१५

Fastest News Nepal – 2078- Mangsir- 3, Today I’m going to tell you about a Nepali child who is going through a difficult time in his life. He was born in the Morang district. In his family, he was the only child. His family is a middle class family. His parents are the ones that adore him the most. Everything was going swimmingly.
But everything changed for the child when he turned 12 years old. One day when he was getting ready for school, his father noticed that his son’s chest was pulled inwards when he viewed his chest when the youngster was wearing his school shirts.
“Hey son, what happened to your chest?” his father questioned, startling him.
“I don’t know Dad, I thought everyone’s chest was the same as mine,” he said. “Is there is something wrong with me, Dad?” with a dreadful tone.
Dad was certain that his son was suffering from a medical ailment after viewing that chest. He was frightened.
He called his wife and told her everything. They both began to be afraid and concerned about their son.
As a result, they decided to travel to Kathmandu and present their child to a better doctor.
The next day, they flew to Kathmandu and began seeing several physicians. When doctors viewed the boy’s chest, they were astounded as well. Many doctors were perplexed since they had never seen anything like it before. That was extremely rare case.
After seeing that even doctors can’t find the solutions, they were more worried and frighten. They began calling their families and friends. And, on the advice of their relatives, they proceeded to Grande Hospital. There was a doctor who recognizes this condition and hence it was called Pectus Exavatum.
A disorder known as pectus excavatum occurs when a person’s breastbone sinks into his or her chest. Severe forms of pectus excavatum might eventually affect the heart and lungs’ ability to function. It is extremely rare cases.
They were concerned after hearing it, and surgery was recommended as a solution. We are frequently terrified when we hear the term “surgery”. The parents were in the same boat. They decided to seek a second opinion, so they went to another doctor who had a lot of expertise. He tasted all of the lungs and heart conditions and discovered that they were normal. As a result, he advises against surgery.
The parents were relieved to learn this and returned to Morang. The youngster began attending school. Because he was on a month’s absence for a check-up, everyone at his school was aware of his situation. His classmates began to tease him. They started to call him with different names like “छाती नभएको मान्छे”।
A year later, he got problem in his eyes. He began to wear high-powered spectacles. His friends began to taunt him even more saying him, “चस्स्मिस, ४ आँखे” ।
Years passed, and his problems worsened, to the point that he had cavity problems. His teeth, body, and eye are all in bad condition.
He is now a 23-year-old man with all of these side effects. Now that he is an adult, he has begun to feel horrible about his situation and has become melancholy. He starts to think that he is only 23 and got that entire problem then what will happen as will even grow older.
Worst of all, he began to hate his life as he saw his other friends who appeared to be unaffected and in good health.
But he never sobbed or showed grief in front of his family or friends because he knew that seeing him upset would make his family sad as well.
Every day, he tears a lot in his bed all night, wondering why God made him the way he is. What did he do wrong? What is the reason for God’s punishment of him?
People have one issue, and they tackle it but why did I end up with the full issue? And how can I tackle all the issues at same time?
He becomes irritated and depressed, blaming God for his condition.
Despite his numerous challenges, he never thinks to do Suicide. He feels that everything will be alright one day. He believes that time will cure all of his life’s wounds. All he needs to do now is trust in himself and in the passage of time.
Despite the fact that his life is burning and darkening, he continues to hope and struggle every day by making a smile in his face, trusting that one day someone would take his hand and pull him from that dark, burning life.
So I want to say that, “Don’t be a quitter my dear friends”. Life is like a test match cricket. It will throw problems in your life each day. But you don’t need to hit every ball; you just need to be in field and not to run away.
So, I request to you all my dear friends; don’t quiet your life easily. Be like that youngster who, despite his hardships, continues to smile every day on his life. In his thoughts, he never considers suicide for a single second. When troubles arise, smile and meet them head on; don’t attempt to hide from them.
You and I have no idea how much suffering he goes through on a daily basis, yet he smiles every day and hopes that someone will grasp his hand soon. His positive attitude and bright smile provide as an encouragement to all of us. So, my dear friends adopt his attitude and smile in your own life; this will not make it easier for you, but it will give you the strength to face your problems.
Your life will be dark as well, but someone will bring a torch into your life. Just be patient and wait for it to happen.
Prashant Karki- “Life can’t make you lose until you lose yourself”

Writer biography:
Name: Prashanta karki
Profession: Student (B.A.LL.B 1st year)
Address: Gauradaha- 1, Jhapa